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Improving the Environment

South East Oak Sawmills is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment by working in partnership with South East Forestry to renew overgrown habitats, promote new growth and put harvested timber to sustainable use.

We believe that our responsible timber harvesting methods ensure that every wood we work in is left more able to support local flora and fauna, while our thinning process provides light and space to benefit younger trees. We are aware that we have a responsibility to the environment and we never forget that we are privileged to be able to harvest a sustainable resource in such a beautiful environment.

Improving the Environment


Oak timber is a sustainable and renewable product, and clearing poor quality scrub accelerates timber growth, either through new planting or natural regeneration.

And while it’s true that trees lock up carbon dioxide, healthy young saplings do that far more efficiently than older, less vigorous trees. By removing trees that are approaching the end of their lives and putting the timber to sustainable use, South East Oak Sawmills is giving young, healthy trees the sunlight they need to grow strongly.

Dead and dying trees that are of little commercial use are left to decay in their own time, providing habitat, food and mini ecosystems for a range of woodland flora and fauna over many decades.

All South East Forestry’s timber harvesting operations are actively promoted and supported by the Forestry Commission. We use low ground pressure machinery to harvest timber with as little impact on the environment. Our modern timber handling machines keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

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