The Environment and south East Oak Sawmill

South east oak sawmills are at the forefront  woodland management.

Through sound responsible timber harvesting methods we believe that every wood we work will be left in a better state for local flora and fauna than when we enter it. We are fully aware that we have such a responsibility to the environment. We are very privileged to be able to harvest a sustainable resource in such a beautiful environment.

Whenever possible we go to great lengths to promote local woodland products.

Wood fuel (biomass) and firewood are all sustainable, renewable and locally harvested in woodlands and forests that are managed in Kent and Sussex by our sister company South East Forestry

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Oak timber is a sustainable and renewable product. Timber harvesting benefits the environment, allows more light into the woodlands and forests for the benefit of local flora and fauna. Sustainable timber harvesting accelerates timber growth whether it be from tree planting after final felling or through self regeneration. Young trees growing take in     far more carbon dioxide compared to a tree that is reaching maturity.

Veteran trees

Veteran trees have there own special place in society. They are much loved and respected by all. Veteran trees are often long past there best, fortunately the timber in such trees is generally of little or no commercial use. Veteran trees have there own specific ecosystems and support a whole host of insect and fungal life.

Dead and dying trees

Dead and dying trees are again of little commercial use, they are left alone in the forest to slowly decay in there own time. Dead and dying trees provide habitat, food and mini ecosystems for all woodland flora and fauna. Ironically you don’t need a felling licence to fell dead trees.

At South East Oak Sawmills we believe Veteran trees, dead trees and certain trees with high a ecological value should, and will be left to naturally die and decay over many decades.

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