Our Oak Products

Beams and Timber Frames

We can supply construction grade beams up to 6.5 metres in length, if it’s just a single  beam you require or a full timber framed building, email or phone us with your cutting list and we can supply a free competitive quote.

Box heart oak beams

The majority of the Oak beams we supply are of boxed heart. We do supply non box beams out of larger timber but mostly we supply box heart beams of the highest quality out of beam grade logs.

Green Oak Beams for trade users.

The majority of our Green Oak beams are sawn to order at our Sawmill Staplehurst Kent. We provide a very efficient service to all of our local customers as well as those further afield. The green Oak beams we supply are fresh sawn to order. You tell us what grade you are looking for, how much character you would like and the sizes that you need, with this in mind we offer a truly bespoke service to suite your needs. We have a large customer base of professionals who purchase timber from ourselves they consist of the following
Green Oak framers, Green Oak builders , Architects as well as a large domestic customer base.

We supply green Oak beams up to 6.5 metres in length in multiple grades. We can cut beams and planks to a maximum width of 36 inches or 900mm

Green Oak Beams for domestic customers

We have many domestic users who enjoy working with such a wonderful and beautiful product. Every bit of Oak timber in our yard is sourced locally, is fully traceable and wherever possible we know as much about the history of that particular woodland that the timber came from that we can. When you buy Green Oak timber from us you are buying something with a real connection to nature, from the woods and forests that we all love and appreciate.

When you buy timber from us you are promoting sound woodland management on a local scale. All of our timber harvesting operations are actively promoted and supported by the forestry commission.

Our timber is harvested with as little impact on the environment as is possible with low ground pressure machinery. Our carbon emissions are kept to a minimum due to our modern timber handling machines.


Direct from the forest No middlemen Very few timber miles

Green Oak joists

Our green Oak joists are sawn to your technical specification as well as your aesthetic specification. With this vision you can have some truly unique Green Oak joists to complement your project.  Much larger green oak joists can be sawn to order for external purposes garden bridges etc…

Gate Posts

Green Oak Gate posts are timeless and will certainly complement any driveway. We can supply the posts to any size that you may require. We can supply character posts for a more rustic look. Should you require a more formal look we can supply Oak gate posts out of the highest quality timber. . We can supply Green Oak gate posts in any size you require, and hold in stock the more commonly sized posts.

Oak sleepers

We cut Oak sleepers to any size and configuration you may need. Although we supply standard sizes the fact that we can cut to order at the drop of a hat means we can supply Oak sleepers that you cant simply get off the shelf. The oak sleepers that we supply have been used both structurally and non structurally, internally and externally. please specify what you need your sleepers for so we can ascertain which grade of Oak sleepers you require.

Direct from the forest No middlemen Very few timber miles

Green Oak Planks

We supply Green plank to domestic and retail customers from our sawmill in Staplehurst mid Kent. Our green plank is cut to whichever thickness you may require. Our maximum length is 6.5 metres and the maximum width is 36 inches or 900mm. Our Green oak plank is suitable for most outdoor applications wether it be for making decking, jetties, bridges, boat houses, cladding and the list goes on and on.

Green Oak planks cut to order up to 6.5 metres, we also have air-dried Oak planks in stock cut to 1 inch (28mm to allow for shrinkage and planing)

Air dried oak planks.

We have air dried oak plank in stock that has at least a minimum heartwood of 4 inches or 100mm. Our Oak planks are put into stick once sawn to become air dried Oak planks. All of our air dried Oak planks are specifically cut from around the edges of a large beam logs. Therefore our air dried Oak planks have far more character showing as we are always cutting from around the edge of the log where there is most character to be found. These make for some truly irresistible Oak planks.

Some internal uses for our air dried oak planks are as follows:

  • Oak floor boards
  • Oak Skirting
  • Oak Architrave
  • Oak doors
  • Oak kitchen worktops
  • Oak joinery and so on and so on………

Direct from the forest No middlemen Very few timber miles

Oak Cladding

We cut oak cladding to order at our sawmill in Staplehurst Kent. We cut square edge Oak cladding and waney edge Oak cladding only.  . Green Oak cladding cut to order up to 6.5 metres

Oak Mantelpieces

The oak mantelpieces that we supply are truly unique. Its not everyday we spot a rare piece of timber that will make the focal point in some ones house, however when we do find such a treat its really quite exciting. Prices are on application
Contact us for further information on Oak Mantelpieces

Oak Braces

Our bespoke Green Oak braces are sawn to order at our Oak Sawmill in Staplehurst Kent. These are what makes a Green oak building come to life. These green Oak braces will elevate your Green oak project into a different category to any other.

Sweet chestnut Waney edge cladding – NEW

We are now also providing Sweet chestnut Waney edge cladding, which has an excellent lifespan and gives a lovely finish.

Sweet chestnut Waney edge cladding

Direct from the forest No middlemen Very few timber miles

Fencing Oak

We supply any sawn Oak fencing that you may require. Oak fencing is very durable and will stand the test of time for over 20 years. Oak fencing is Aesthetically pleasing and certainly adds natural elegance to any boundary.

We supply Oak and Sweet chestnut fencing rails both cleaved or sawn, amongst Oak posts you will have a natural and timeless boundary for many years to come.

Oak decking

We specifically cut our Oak Decking to order. Our Green oak decking has many benefits least of all that it is extremely durable and non perishable. With this in mind we can supply Green Oak that is suitable for jetties, Bridge treads as well for more traditional patio decking.

Slab wood

We have large stocks of Oak slab wood at our Sawmill in Staplehurst Kent. Lots of this lower grade timber is usable both on a professional scale and on a domestic scale.

Off Cuts

We sell our Oak off cuts per cubic metre, details on how to order can be seen at www.logsmaidstone.co.uk

Order your Oak from our South East Saw Mill now

Oak timber For educational purposes

We are aware at South East Oak Sawmills that we have large amounts of timber that is far better than waste but not good enough to meet our rigorous quality control procedures.

As time has gone progressed we have realised that this type of timber is more than suitable for education purposes. Either it be for a woodworking college, A primary School for making bird boxes or for someone who would like to educate themselves in the ways of timber working without buying expensive high quality timber that may perhaps not be fully utilised at the start of their career.
We take Great pride in the fact that we can offer this cheaper lower grade to timber for educational purposes. This raises public awareness of what a beautiful product Green Oak timber is and that our woods and forests need managing. There is a real connection with nature when working with any Oak timber.

Through offering this timber we believe that it will help the next generation to understand that our woods and forests need to be managed in a sustainable way to continue the longevity of our woodlands and forests.

Oak blocks

At our sawmill in Staplehurst Kent we have many solid oak blocks. These solid oak blocks have so many uses and are sensibly priced. The list of their uses is endless. To name just a few:

  • Solid oak sleeper stand
  • Solid Oak block door stop
  • Solid oak block for woodturning
  • Solid oak block staircases
  • Solid oak bench legs and so on and so on…….

Burr Oak and Oak Burrs for Wood-turning.

We have many solid oak burrs alongside many other hardwood burrs at our Oak sawmill in Kent. These blocks are very appealing to wood-turners and people who generally appreciate the natural beauty of interesting hardwood timber in its raw state. The variety of these interesting pieces is endless to name just a few:

  • Solid oak for turning
  • Oak blocks for turning
  • Spalted beech for turning
  • Spalted birch for turning
  • Burr oak block
  • Cherry for turning
  • Yew woodturning blocks
  • Holly wood turning blocks.
  • Sycamore wood turning blocks

All blocks are cut to order if we don’t have them in stock. The wood-turning blocks are sensibly priced and can be delivered or collected from our hardwood sawmill in Staplehurst mid Kent.

Hardwood logs for Fungi Culture

From our Oak sawmill in Staplehurst near Maidstone Kent we are able to supply hardwood logs that are suitable for growing fungi. We supply logs for growing mushrooms and toadstools on to trade and retail customers alike. We are by no means experts in Fungi-culture but do contact us with your requirements and we will more than likely be able to supply the correct piece of hardwood timber for your particular Fungi-cultural project

We can supply freshly felled Oak, Birch and beech as well as all other hardwoods logs for growing mushrooms on.

Oak sawdust

As a byproduct from our sawmill in Staplehurst, Tonbridge, Kent we often have an excess of sawdust that is available for delivery. The sawdust can be used as green oak sawdust for wood smoking. Our green oak sawdust also has many other uses contact us with your requirements.

Logs We supply what we believe are the best logs in Kent. For more information

Chestnut Sleepers – NEW

We can now supply good quality hardwood Chestnut railway sleepers. We have been supplying large quantities of these long lasting hardwood sleepers to trade customers throughout Kent, Sussex And London. We can now offer Chestnut sleepers to our domestic customers whether it’s just one sleeper or over one hundred.

Our chestnut sleepers are extremely durable, they are lighter and offer a cheaper option to Oak.

Typical size is 200mmx100mmx2.4m but custom sizes are available.

Direct from the forest No middlemen Very few timber miles

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