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Supplying the Kent & Southeast UK with the finest Sawn English Oak

South East Oak Saw Mills

Sustainable Resourse

We only use English Oak, that is grown on a clay soil in the South East of England, it is sustainably sourced with all the required felling licences in place. For further information please look at www.southeastforestry.co.uk

The only Sawmill that supplies all of its timber direct from the woodlands and forests of Kent and East Sussex. Hand selected and manually felled to supply you with the finest sawn English Oak on the market. Promoting and actively harvesting a sustainable resource. Our green Oak timber is that direct from the forests of Kent and Sussex that you can even have a map of the woodland that it came from! Fully traceable Oak timber and green Oak timber (We even know when these trees started life as small acorns many years ago)

Ultra low timber miles!

South East Oak Sawmills supply only the finest locally sourced English Oak available. Local and sustainable green Oak timber of exceptional quality.

Direct from the forest      No middlemen   Very few timber miles

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Milling Service

We can also provide a milling only service for our customers, where the customer supplies the wood and their cutting requirements and a price for the work to be carried out (dependant on estimated hours required) is agreed before progressing.
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